Our extensive experience and expertise enable us to deliver superior quality services and innovative solutions for your unique needs.

Programme and Project Management

Programme Planning

Correct planning ensures alignment between organizational goals and resources, enabling effective allocation and development to achieve strategic objectives.

Our service offers comprehensive planning solutions for the legal finance sector, analysing resources, aligning strategies, and optimising operations to ensure sustained growth, compliance, and strategic effectiveness within this specialised field.

Guiding your practice through the project

A premium project planning service for legal finance technology embodies in-depth industry knowledge and tailored strategies. The result is a bespoke, streamlined project plan that aligns legal and financial standards, delivering optimal solutions for the complex landscape of legal finance technology.

Application Consulting

Comprehensive analysis of legal processes to integrate efficient solutions into practice management systems

New business or business process changes often require the implementation of change to be reflected across your finance and associated integrated systems. New clients with particular needs may come with additional business workflow needs or custom online client collaboration that can easily scale.

Contact our team to find out how we can help to grow your partnership.

Whatever the change in your business, we can assist with how your systems reflect those changes. As a specific implementation or as part of our partnership programme of continuous review and recommendation, our consultants have the expertise and experience to provide cost effective solutions.

Technical Consulting

Expert advice and guidance on complex technical issues to optimise systems and achieve your business objectives.


Take advantage of the myriad data services and information available to connect your business. We provide comprehensive analysis of your technical needs to ensure your practice is at the forefront of the changing landscape of legal services


We provide integration development services on many platforms including Elite 3E, Microsoft BizTalk, IntApp Integrate and HighQ as well as services for custom integration development. Our team are experienced integrating between many popular service platforms.


Offering specialised technology infrastructure services tailored for the legal sector, ensuring robust and secure IT frameworks to support operational efficiency and compliance.

Custom development

Your systems may require specific requirements not covered by the normal suite of available applications. With extensive experience of providing custom technical solutions our team are experienced in determining and creating solutions to fit your practice.

Change and Communication

Delivering specialised Change and Communication services to the legal sector, facilitating smooth transitions, engaging stakeholders, and ensuring effective communication strategies during organisational changes.

A tailored business change and communication solutions to the legal industry encompasses strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and clear communication strategies. It involves adeptly managing organizational shifts, implementing new processes, and ensuring seamless communication channels.

This service addresses change management needs specific to legal frameworks, fostering adaptability, and ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements while effectively engaging and informing stakeholders throughout the transformation process.

Managed Services

Delivering tailored managed services to the legal sector, ensuring seamless operations, IT support, and compliance with industry-specific requirements.

Support services

Offering comprehensive first and second-line support services to the legal sector, resolving technical issues promptly, ensuring system reliability, and maintaining operational continuity for optimal performance and client satisfaction.

Go-live support

Contact us to discuss our dedicated go-live support services to the legal sector, ensuring a smooth transition, resolving issues, and providing expertise during critical implementation phases.