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Optimae, a boutique consultancy firm operating primarily in the niche legal finance systems sector, was started in 2018 by a group of former colleagues with a common ethos. The team has worked as independent consultants on several practice management system (PMS) implementations covering infrastructure, integrations, data migrations, application consultancy, customisations and project management. We recognise the growing need of clients for access to specialised, independent legal technology and consulting solutions.

Availability of skilled resource with experience of these technologies is limited, and clients face a choice between product-led consultancies which typically focus on selling “gateway” services, body shops with low levels of industry knowledge, or traditional Big-4 style consultancy with little hands on experience of implementation.

Optimae’s client-first approach and industry-specific expertise enables our consultants to become trusted partners for clients seeking a range of services including best practice advice and consultancy, mentoring and coaching, quality assurance and strategic reviews.